Saturday, 11 December 2010

Start of the Deathwatch Project

After a long period of laziness and not finishing Dino, I'm back, now with Deathwatch.

Anyway, here's my brief.
- To create an army of Black-Clad, Xenos-Killing Superhumans - aka - Deathwatch Marines.
- To make a unique army. You don't see a lot of Deathwatch around, so I guess theyr'e a good choice.
- To improve my skills in Painting, Modelling, Sculpting and the Hobby in general.
- To create each marine so you can identify his chapter WITHOUT looking at his shoulder pad. This is fairly important as a want each one to be unique and have their own story.

The army will be purely for display and friendly games. The list consists of 2000 points of Sternguard, Pods, a single devastator squad, Stormtroopers (Counts-as Scouts) and of course, Kantor, to make the Sternguard Scoring. I will most likely include a MotF in their too for fun.

Another important thing I wanted was for all the Marines to be named. I've got a big word document saved with the name, chapter and design notes for each marine.

And with that note, here is what will soon become Squad Argus, with Sergeant Argus, an IF, Brother Skaryd a SW, Brother Ramiel, a DA, Brother Phrixos ,an Iron Snake, and Brother Barakiel, a Lamentor.

Here is my first order. You can see:
1.) The Drop Pod for the Squad.
2.) The Devastator Squad.
3.) The DW Conversion Pack.
4.) Some Paints - SW Grey and Boltgun Metal.

Anyway, I may get a little bit of work done today, and maybe a little bit tommorow, but the official start will be monday.